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  • The content between the "BEGIN" and "END" lines can be included on other pages using the following HTML.
    <iframe frameborder="0" height="1000" src="" width="250"></iframe>
  • You may want to change the height or width attributes.
  • Keep in mind that an iframe is not a block element, so it should be enclosed in a paragraph (<p><iframe ...></iframe></p>), table data cell (<td><iframe ...></iframe></td>), or some other block element.
  • Do not remove or alter the "BEGIN" and "END" lines.
  • Anything before the "BEGIN" line or after the "END" line will be ignored.
  • It is probably safe to use most styles or formats between the "BEGIN" and "END" lines, but it's always a good idea to test.
  • If this page will be included (e.g., via an iframe) in a Plone page that is externally visible, then this page must also be externally visible.  If not, the user will not get an error, but s/he also will not see the content below.
  • As you gain more experience with this feature, you may want to add some more dos or don'ts here.

----------[ BEGIN ]----------

----------[ END ]----------

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