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Request Tracker 4.0

Request Tracker, or RT for short, is a web-based software package that allows you to create "tickets" for issues that need to be addressed or tasks that need to be performed.  The person creating the ticket is called the requestor, and the person who is currently working on resolving the issue is called the owner.  (Sometimes, one person fills both of these roles.)  There may also be others who are interested in keeping an eye on the progress of a ticket.  These people are known as watchers, and in RT, there are two types:  CC watchers and Admin CC watcher.  (The difference between these two is explained later in this document.)  As progress is made with the issue or task, the owner of the ticket can add comments to it, after which RT automatically e-mails these comments to the watchers of the ticket.

Although RT has a rich feature set, this tutorial covers only some of the basics.  However, one of RT’s strengths is that it is an extremely useful system even when only these basic features are employed.

Click on the topics below to learn more, or click on the "Next" link at the bottom of each page to step through this tutorial page by page.


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