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Viewing a Ticket

When a ticket is displayed, you will see eight viewing options at the top of the page.

RT Display Options

The table below describes what you will find in some of these views.

View Option
This view shows a brief summary of the various elements of the ticket as well as all the comments that have been added to it since it was created.
The history view provides a list of comments that have been added to the ticket since it was created, but it does not show the summary of other details like the Display view does.
This view allows you to change some of the basics for the ticket such as the subject, the status (e.g., new, open, resolved, etc.), the queue it is in, and the owner.

Hint:  This view is very helpful if you wish to re-open a ticket that has been resolved.
This view allows you to store various dates associated with the ticket.  This feature is not documented in this tutorial.
This view allows you to update the watchers (e.g., Admin Cc and Cc) of the ticket and the owner of the ticket.  Since RT stores e-mail addresses in the watchers lists, and it's sometimes difficult to remember everyone's exact e-mail address, a search feature is available.  You can search for a person by their user ID, e-mail address, name, or organization by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down list under the 'Find people whose' label. 

RT Watchers

Next, select either 'matches', 'doesn't match', 'is', or 'isn't' and provide the name or ID, etc. that you're looking for.  A quick way to get a full list of all RT users is to search for 'Name' 'doesn't match' 'xxxx'.

From the list of people found, select those you'd like to add as watchers and change the drop-down in front of their name(s) to either 'Requestor', 'Cc', or 'Admin Cc'.

To remove a watcher from the ticket, check the box in front of their name on the right side of the page.

Don't forget to click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page when you're finished making changes.
The jumbo view shows you all the information that there is about the ticket.  Although it's best to spare trees as much as possible, if you truly need to print a ticket to share it with someone, and you want to show them all the details, this is the view to use.

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